Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today January 14, 2011 my husband and I celebrated 44 yrs of marriage!  It has been a long road of much laughter, sadness and many hardships, but we thank God that he brought us through all these years.  Although there has been much drama with our kids growing up and alienation of family ties we still love and respect each other.  I can still remember my wedding day as if it was yesterday.  We were young and so in love and now we are older, happy, content and still in love.  We raised our children the best we knew how being so young ourselves.  We fit right in that category of children raising children. We've come this far and with God's help we'll make it to the end.

When I was young and wishing that I would hurry up and get older I never imagined myself being middle aged. Life goes on and  I slowly got older one day at a time, when I finally reached my twenties and then thirties I didn't worry so much about getting older anymore.  I was so busy with my growing family, my career and everyday living that  I didn't notice the changes that were taking place.  Then one day I looked in the mirror or maybe someone pointed out that I looked older.  When I was asked my age I would laugh and ignore the question, but whenever someone asked how many years I was married how could they not guess my age.

Now we've reached the age that we are both retired and live each day one by one giving God all the glory for all the blessings we have.     

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