Monday, January 24, 2011

The Waiting Hours

When we walked in to the emergency room there were ropes here to go there and ropes there to go over there.  Once you sign in the patient which in this case was my dad and give all the information they require they asked me to wait in the big lounge because I would not be able to be in the room where he was getting checked! (?)   This was really frustrating because sometimes dad doesn't communicate very well with people and its hard to understand what he is trying to say or explain, partly because he jokes around alot but mostly because he can't remember important things.   If asked why he waited so long to be seen by a doctor/er he'll say its only been 3 days when in reality its been 3 weeks, or if he's on any kind of medication he'll say yes when he only takes get my drift?

After waiting 30 min I asked the clerk if I could now go in and he said no, 35 mins later I asked again and he told me to check with security.  The security person told me I had to wait another 20 mins.  I sat down to wait and trying to be Miss Cool I waited 40 mins then asked the security person to please check and see if dad was alright or if he had been registered yet.  He went and checked came back then said I would have to wait longer because lab results were not in yet.  Pheww at least now I knew they had done something and dad wasn't just sitting around like me.   Another hour passed by when I asked security person that I wanted to make sure he hadn't been admitted into the hospital.  Finally I was told to go sit with dad in another room to wait for the the x-ray and lab results.   How long could that take??

Why some people love to talk to perfect strangers and spill their medical life history is beyond me.  While we waited patiently for the results there was a woman also waiting for hers and she went on to tell whoever would listen about all her ailments and her family history.  It took all I had in me not to tell her to shut the front door!  Oh Lord where is the duct tape, scotch tape or any kind of tape when you need it!   Her husband just sat there and let her rattle on and on contributing to the conversation here and there lol.   Daddy was feeling much better after been given a shot for the pain and since he also loves to talk he fell right in with her.  He got involved in a conversation with this woman and her husband they talked about army life, needles, cars, guns, food, you name it.  I didn't need to know the results of her personal trips to the bathroom!  Im sure on any other day she is a very nice person etc etc but today ..........aarrgghh!!!!  Her mouth never stopped the entire time I was in that room until we left.

Hooray!!  At 9:00pm a doctor finally came in and took off the IV on dad's arm and said the results all came back negative.  He was fine and just had contusions, to walk slowly and try not to fall or trip and follow up with his primary doctor.   I was by now so exhausted from being gone since 9:00am going to church and now having to sit on those hard plastic chairs I was ecstatic.

I am so glad that he did not have a broken hip as I first suspected or fractured leg, he's still in pain but with the medication hopefully he'll be better soon.  Thank you Jesus.

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