Friday, January 28, 2011

My Special Grandson

Yesterday I baby sat five month old baby Adrian and it was truly a great experience.  His mama who is a school teacher needed to go and prepare her classroom for the first day of school which is today.  They live so far away and I don't see them that often so when she asked if I could take care of him of course I said yes.   

None of us here on the plantation have contact with babies except for nieces and nephews or in church.  My daughter's son Dino is 12 years old and my youngest grandson.   It has been so long since there's been a baby in our family until now so I was praying that things would go smooth without any problems.  Even though I knew that my daughter would be home and I know she loves babies.  Phew! what a relief.  I just didn't want his mommy to come and find Adrian crying or me a nervous wreck.

Adrian was a good baby full of smiles and googooing making all the cute little noises new babies make.  He is such a happy little baby.   Im sure he feels loved by everyone who holds and talks to him especially from his little sister Alycia.  She loves him and treats him as if he was her personal baby doll-lol.   If he does have a problem it sure fools you because he is very alert and bright.  He follows you with his little eyes smiling when he makes eye contact with you.  We laid him on the floor on a blanket with Sesame Street characters and he made me laugh the way he kept twisting his body trying  to look at them.  My granddaughter Daisy fed him his bottle when it 'looked' like he was hungry, we didn't really know if he was or not because he never cried.  He started chewing on his little hands so we took it as a sign that it was bottle time.  When he finished my granddaughter Daisy sat him up on her lap to burp him,  whoa!  Did he let out a big loud one.

After a while he fell asleep and I took his sister outside to look at the ducks that disappeared from the pond ~chuckle~.  I did a little gardening and my daughter was busy straightening her messy shed and Daisy kept Alycia busy.   His mommy came about 2 hrs later just as he was waking up, we talked for a while but she left soon because she had a long ride ahead of her before getting home.

Adrian is very 'special' to all of us because he is a Down Syndrome baby.  As most can imagine we were shocked when we first heard and we were very sad.  We all let his mommy know she had all our support an prayers.  We treat him like any other baby talking about his symptoms and encourage her to be strong.  In her family there have been 3 babies born right after the other all normal.  Silvia cries sometimes when we talk on the phone and I let her vent, she's  let me know how angry and sad she was at the fact that her baby was not normal..........WHY?!!!   I don't understand myself but I do let her know that God must have thought she was an exceptional woman by giving her this very Special Baby.  He really doesn't  look very different from other new babies, he's healthy and strong enough to sit up and look all around.  I tell Silvia that having his little sister around him all the time he isn't going to have the chance to be 'different'.  He will mimick her and learn how to do many things the way they should be done because she is constantly correcting him  lol.

I've told her that while it may not be easy and there may be some rough roads ahead to let God help her by praying and calling on Him for comfort.  God has already answered so many prayers and taken care of so many problems that babies like him encounter.  Adrian was born with a hole in his heart which doctors said he would eventually need heart surgery when he got older.  God had other plans for him the hole closed by itself and there is no need for surgery now.  Praise the Lord!!  He is so good.   God stepped in again when a lump he had on his back which seemed to be growing miraculously shrunk to the point that doctors felt there was no need to laser or cut it off!!   I point out all these things to her and let her know that God is working on her baby and he will be just fine.  How many kids and adults act a little off sometimes and supposedly there is nothing wrong with us?

We end up laughing and talking about all the cute things he does and that makes up for any problem he has.  He is surrounded with love from all sides.

I love this little guy and I know God has his hands over him everyday.

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