Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today we went up the hill to the cemetery where mom is buried and we put some flowers on her grave site.  I hadn't been there since last June when she passed.  I got so choked up my throat still hurts.  I miss her so much especially since we were together like glue for the year before she went.  I find comfort in knowing that she is finally resting and not in pain anymore and that she is also in her right mind.  

My dad had been going up the hill at least once a month since June, but stopped when the weather got bad and then also because of the fall he took.    I knew he wanted me to drive for him since his leg is still messed up and can't drive very well.   He was too stubborn to ask! ...........So I asked Bobby to drive for me since he is off on Thursdays.  Thank God he said yes, I hate driving on the Cajon Pass!     

We stopped to buy a dozen fake red roses and being that its gonna be Valentine's Day I also bought a small heart to hang on a metal hook I took along with me.  Red roses were her favorite flowers and black was her favorite color.   Since I bought all this at the dollar store I feel sad because it seems like such a cheap gesture, she was a person who always had the best and looked her best.  Even though I know it doesn't really matter I still wish the flowers could be real ones.  The people at the mortuary advised us not to buy real flowers because they wilt right away with the sun and weather up in the high desert.    

It was a beautiful day in Hesperia but we didn't stay very long because we didn't go prepared for the cold weather.   It was soooo windy and cold.

Mom there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of you.........I love you and I miss you so much ♥

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