Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pink & Yellow

        I have finished a blanket for yet another baby shower.    This time its for a little girl, and after looking through all the yarn  I have, decided not to use the traditional blues and pinks and yellows.   These colors are a thing of the past and rarely do you see blankets in these colors anymore.   I still think they look beautiful when crochet or knitted into blankets etc.  
       These pastel colors have been replaced by bright colors that make your eyes cross lol.    I made this particular blanket in bright sunshine yellow and bright shocking pink, together with the stitch that this pattern called for these two colors blended very well and the blanket turned out very pretty and bright  (poor baby)


     I also found the beginnings of a Noah's Ark blanket while looking for yarn through my bins.     I started this blanket about a year ago and put away for another day lol.    I had forgotten all about it, probably because I didn't want to crochet the animals which are so time consuming and a lot of trouble.   Guess I'll just have to finish and get it over with.   It will look fantabulous once its finished.   I've  since made this blanket from a much easier pattern (wish I had found it first!)  and liked it so much I ended up giving it to my granddaughter Daisy for her future babies.  

        Another baby shower coming up in September is going to be for a boy.   The mama has sent me a picture of the room decor, it is pretty in powder blue and dark brown colors, with the furniture in dark wood.  My delima is trying to find yarn to match and find a pattern suitable for a baby boy.     I will do my best to pick out a pattern to go with this contemporary style.  ' I wish me luck'  lololol.

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