Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Loss

Lake Arrowhead Village

Today we invited my daughter and grandson to go with us to Big Bear and spend the day up there for a few hours.   It was an ugly overcast cloudy day down here but once we got to higher elevation the weather changed.  

It was a beautiful drive up there and it was sunny and clear, even kind of chilly!   We decided to stop at Lake Arrowhead Village, walk around for a while, maybe eat lunch and then continue up to higher grounds til we got to our destination............Big Bear. 

Lil Dino, Tiff, Bobby
We browsed around a few stores and were thinking of getting on the ferry boat, but we were stopped short from doing anything.   My daughter received a phone call informing her that a cousin in her husbands family David Zamora had died of a massive heart attack while driving to a meeting at work.   He crashed his car and was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.   Seeing how upset my daughter was we decided to drive back home so she could meet up with my son-in-law and go join other family members. 
David Zamora was mayor for the city of Colton, he was elected last fall and was a very nice person, who will be missed by many.    

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  1. I'm so very sorry to hear about her loss.

    My prayers for peace are with the family.