Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memories of 2010

Im sitting here thinking about the past year and I realized how much sadness my family has gone through.  My husband and I along with my son-in-law have lost a parent.  Each one of us has had to deal with our sorrow and pain in our own way, but we had each other to lean on too.  Losing my mom was the worst imaginable painful thing that has ever happened to me.  I miss her everyday and going thru the holidays without her was terrible.  I couldn't get into the mood of all the jolly hoopla and shopping for gifts and as a result I didn't buy anything. 
I cried alot on Thanksgiving Day even tho I was among family it was hard for me because mom wasn't and never will be.  The worst part of the holidays to get through was Christmas when I found myself buying a small tree to put on her grave.  I cried a lot on that day because its just so hard to believe that she's really gone!  My husband and I went to Los Angeles to be with with his sisters the day after Christmas to reminisce about their mother and be together like the past years.  It was very different there too.  Mom-in-luv wasn't there.
My son-in-law also had a hard time going to his mothers house on Christmas Eve,  I can imagine how he must have felt knowing his dad wasn't there like all the other years.
We have all had our fair amount of sickness and Dino (son-in-law) has really been through the mill.  Having a lot of pain and might still need surgery on his neck.  He is leaving that up to the Lord to help him make a decision about that.

Financial, job issues and trials that  we all had to overcome would not have been accomplished had God not been there to hold our hands or literally carry us when we thought we couldn't do it on our own.  We all want answers right now and don't like to wait, but God knows whats best for us and moves just when we think we're at the end of our rope. 

A  baby boy born to my ex daughter-in-law was beautiful and complete except that he was a down syndrome baby.  To date he is beautiful, cute and so alert except for the few significant signs he looks so normal and we all love him.

All of my grandchildren have grown so much and ALL have become teenagers.  My word where did all the years go?  My granddaughters are beautiful young ladies and my grandsons are so handsome, they range in age from 13 thru 25.  I will be a great grandmother soon and it will be a little girl.  Should I be excited or thrilled about all this, I really don't know.  Each and everyone of my grandchildren is special and I love them to pieces.

Lord willing the new year will be a good one and if not I know that He will see me through whatever may pop up.  As long as we as a family love one another and respect each other we should be ok.

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