Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain & Snow In Sunny California

What a wonderful Christmas we're having this year despite the weather outside being 'frightful' for many Californians.  It has been raining at a steady down pour for almost a week and snowing in the mountain areas.  It will continue this way through the week including Christmas Day.  It hasn't rained this much or this hard for a couple of years and there are  warnings of floods throughout the southland.   Many roads are closed in the mountains and bridges are over flowing.  Many are having to evacuate their homes because they are in danger of mud slides. 


I love this time of year and love the rain, lights, crowds and all the hoopla.  Right now Im happy to be at home chilling with my hubby.   After I finish writing on this blog I will crochet  some projects for gifts while my hub is reading a book. 

Christmas is a time for families to be together and I believe that kids should be made aware that  'Jesus is the reason for the season'.... and we give presents because we love each other not because we have to.   This year we're excited because  Danelle and Monica my two granddaughters will be here.  They will be coming on Wednesday and spending the rest of the week.  They were in Arizona last year visiting their other grandparents.  Our doors are open to anyone else that would like to come and visit.
On Christmas Day we will be at my daughters house early opening presents and spending the day eating and just hanging out.   Tamales are the main course every year.  While I dislike making them because they are so messy and so much trouble I do love eating them, so I helped my daughter make 15 dozen today.  My granddaughter Daisy helped for about 30 mins hahaha.   We'll also be having rice & beans to go with the tamales and menudo with all the trimmings.  There will be lots of baked goodies which my grandkids will be baking. 

Merry Christmas Everybody!  

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