Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Prince Dino

Dino Craig Martin II
The day has finally arrived for my grandson Dino, he will be thirteen years old on Dec. 11, 2010 and will technically be a teenager.  This is very hard on me because Dino is the youngest of my grandchildren and he will no longer be baby Dino.  Ha! Thats what he thinks.  He will always be my baby boy.
After much ado going back and forth on whether to have or not he finally agreed to a party with lots of boy games.  There will be a wrestling/boxing ring for the boys to knock each other out (heaven forbid), skate boarding with ramps to see who can do the highest jump or most impressive moves.  There will be a couple of pinatas full of candies to swing at or maybe just good ole candy bags............who knows, this party changes daily so I'll just wait and see what happens.  I really feel kind of sorry for the girls coming to the party, they will either have to sit and watch or join in and take their chances on not getting beat up :p).  I know my granddaughter Destinee will be the first one in that ring just to make the day more exciting.  She is also someone who you don't dare her to not do something because that is exactly what she will do.  Hopefully my daughter has plenty of tape & gauze for all the bruises and cuts these kids might get hahaha.

There will be plenty of food and of course Dino had a say about this too and requested sandwiches or hot dogs.  The menu will be; pulled pork sandwiches with potato salad, chips and dip.  The adults will have salsa with their chips, it seems that a lot of the young people that are coming love hot salsa too.  The whole family on both sides are a bunch of chile chokers :o).  Lemons from our trees on the plantation will be used to make plenty of lemonade and there will also be tea.  The finale will be the birthday cake and that rounds up the menu for the Boy Party  

After a day of shopping with my daughter and buying items to decorate tables without really making it look as if we decorated because as Dino will tell you thats stuff for girls only.   This child is all boy with a mind of his own and will let you know what he likes or doesn't.  He has voiced his opinion on how a boy party should be and that means NO frilly or foofoo stuff. 

While my grandson has grown so much he still likes to be babied by all of us and yes we are all guilty of doing just that.  He loves to play around with his grandpa and loves to tease him knowing he will get scolded and lectured.  He'll  come over to sit and wait for grandpa to wake up or get ready so they can go outside to work out in grandpa's 'gym'.  I can hear them laughing their heads off or arguing with each other and of course he will make sure that grandpa hears what he has to say while grandpa makes sure he knows he's wrong!  They go round & round its too funny because it doesn't seem to faze Dino.  They both have a love for Oldies music which I find so amazing and cute.  

Happy Birthday Baby Dino I love you mucho mucho mas muuaahh ♥


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