Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Year Of Many Surprises

 I really try to post on this blog whenever I get a chance but sometimes between doing a jigsaw puzzle on the inner net or crocheting on a project time just flies by.  This year is coming to an end so fast that as I sit here and try to remember all that has transpired through the months I am laughing and crying at the same time.  

I just got home after eating brunch with my daughter & her family at their house.   I decided to make 'Pork Chop Picado' my own dish.   I just steam cooked some chops with diced potatoes, bell peppers, onions and some spices.  Since my family cannot eat any food without it being spicy I added Pace picante with a lil flour so it would be a little thick.   My daughter made spanish rice and opened a can of pinto beans, needless to say we had a feast.

I am also trying to finish a crochet project which is a 'Booklet Scarf'.  It is turning out to be very pretty and kind of interesting, since you crochet panels in different colors together as you would for a leaflet.  So far I have taken it apart so many times after running out of yarn and having to start over.  The dilema is that I have so much scrap yarn that isn't enough for a single project.  Im also trying to use up a lot of the many different colors of yarn which I have by using them for different projects.  Just when I think Im  about to finish I find that I don't have enough!!!    I think I have found enough of the right colors to complete this scarf.   I made a really pretty pink scarf for Sophia one of Daisy's friends and she simply could not stop telling me thank you because she loved it.   I would like to start the new year with less clutter by getting rid of most of this  scrap material & use up more of this yarn which I have in different bins and boxes.

It  has been raining all day long it started yesterday thru the night and looks as if it will continue tonight too.  I love this kind of weather and would like to walk outside in the rain like I used too when I was younger, but my bones will not permit it.  I guess your age does make a difference when you get older,  because everything hurts me now lol.

As I get ready for church I can hear the rain, its pouring out there.  I must go tonight because Daisy will be playing the saxphone.  I cannot believe that this is already the last Sunday before Christmas.

Daisy is so cute, she and her best friend Sophia went to a Youth Christmas Party at the church on Friday.  They were told to dress festive for this party and apparently were the only ones who did.  They decided to dress up in tissue paper & bows wearing the traditional red & green colors.  They looked really cute and won the prize....a $5 gift certificate to Star Bucks each.

                                                     Merry Christmas Everybody

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