Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Ever You Want To Go

Four months ago my daughter gave us two free round trip tickets for the Metro train so my hubby and I could go to the destination of our choice.    Isn't she just so sweet?   It has taken this long to use these tickets because so many things have transpired between then and now.  

I chose San Juan Capistrano, and today my hubby and I took a ride on the Metro down south  Yay!!   This will be our first  excursion in the last two years.    Not that we didn't try to get away before!    (My trips into LA don't count because those are have to trips sometimes).

We started off from the train station in dwntwn Sn Bdno at exactly 11:20am on theee dot,  we arrived on the button at 1:00pm,  just as the lady on the phone said we would.   Thank God we finally got there we were so tired of sitting and the seats aren't all that comfortable.

We started at the 'Old Town' section first and went into all  the shops and even some of the restaurants so we could look at the menus.    There was even a shop with stuff that he likes and he loved it, I could hardly get him out of there hehehe.    I was so amazed at all the beautiful gardens  everywhere you look and on every street.    My husband says  it was all in my head, but I know the colors of the flowers were more vivid and the green plants were really green compared to what we have at home.    The flowers are so bright if you can imagine that.    I love cacti, and one of the shops we visited had some cactus plants I had never seen before.   They were awesome and the arrangements were just incredible...........ahhh to be so talented.    Too bad I live so far, the lady gives classes and teaches how to make flower and plant arrangements.
Since we didn't have a car we had to walk everywhere and it got a little tiring after a while.   If I had bought anything we would've had to carry it around and lug it on board with us to take back home.    With a big ~sigh~ I just looked at the bright side......maybe the walk would do me some good and I'd lose a lb or two lol.    Bobby was glad there was no car because that meant I couldn't really buy anything

Im so glad we decided to go inside the mission area.   It was incredible to me that we couldn't touch the  bldgs  because they were over two thousand years old!!    I can just see newspaper....'Fat woman leans on door of Sn Jn Cap Mission and entire wall collapses'..........There is an awesome pond right in the middle and has beautiful Koi fish.   I think we walked around and looked at every square inch of that place.

We had so much fun laughing and looking around imagining ourselves in those days comparing pictures to some of our ancestors.   We decided that Bobby is of Spanish descent (not mexican) just like his mom said, those Spaniards were  blond, white and blue eyed.   Almost all of his family are huero's lololol.

Well I was trying to post some pictures I took on my camera but its not letting me so until I figure out how to do this major project , please if you haven't gone to this place 'GO'.

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