Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit with the Relatives

Why didn't  I  follow up on visiting uncle Larry before this?    In the past five years (or more) I've told him that we would go to San Diego 'one day' and visit.    Yesterday we and my four sisters-in-law decided to go   because Bobby's aunt Huera & cousin Sandra who came from Albuquerque are staying with uncle Larry for a week.    It was a little emotional at first for everybody:  we hadn't seen aunt Huera since my m-i-l died last year.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, in fact it was a little chilly.   Towards the evening we had to put on sweaters that I almost didn't take because I thought it would be too hot.   Always follow your instincts my momma always used to say.

We sat outside in the patio talking and laughing while we tried to eat lunch too. Lolol   I hadn't laughed this much and so hard in a long time.   I had tears rolling down my face.   Makes me sad that my family lives so far away.   Lily the oldest sister is hysterical, she makes you laugh with every word that comes out of her mouth.   She really  should have been the mexican  'I love Lily'.    Why is it that time passes by so fast when your having fun?

From uncle Larry's house there is a nice view of the sky line of San Diego.   He lives in a beautiful spanish style stucco home and he has furnished and decorated it with spanish flair just like we see in magazines...........'BUT',   let me tell you about the backyard !!!!   I don't know why, guess I should have been a gardener/landscaper/horoculturalist...whatever.   Anyway  Bobby says Im crazeeee hehehe ask me if I care.   There is a garden in the back yard with many colorful flowers of different types, plants, foxtail & asparagus ferns, several types of palm trees and different cactus everywhere.    All maintained by uncle Larry and his roommate.   With pathways leading to benches here and there to sit and read a book or just meditate.   He gave me lots of cuttings from the many plants and I can hardly wait to put them in my own garden.   Larry gave me a plant that looks like a weed but is actually a plant that doesn't need to be in dirt or in a pot.    He has some hanging from trees/fences and while it is very different in a nice way it looks very beautiful hanging.   He also has some stuck into  lattices or wreaths.   The best part is you only have to water them once a day and they grow!!   I will put mine on a tree and hope that it grows like his do.   Another plant that he gave me also looks like a big weed and he uses it for ground cover.   Just set it down ON the ground and it spreads and grows wild.   Their garden is just like the ones you see in Woman's magazine!!   The moisture that is always in the air from the ocean is what keeps everything so beautiful.   We live in the desert and have to work hard to have anything grow beautiful outside.    BUT IM SURE GONNA GIVE IT A TRY!

Several hours later we all went in different cars to Seaport Village since we would all be going in different directions at the end of the night.    It wasn't very crowded at all and the restaurants were almost empty since it was a week day.    Laughing at the sissy's as they danced in the streets we went in and out of different shops and browsed around.   I almost, thats a big almost, bought a cute hat for my lil Daisy, but decided not to because it was a bit pricey.   She would've loved it and so would her moma.

We will definately go back to visit uncle Larry and stay at a hotel over night so we can be tourists.   I would like to go thru the old town section and other parts of San Diego.   Its been at least 25 yrs since we were here and at that time we went to Balboa park and on the Coronado bridge.

All things come to an end, after all the good-byes we had a really nice ride back home.   It was late and we were tired but I was so hyper I couldn't sleep and stayed up to crochet.

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