Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Mad Hatter

I found these head pieces in one of the stores I went into yesterday, and immediately thought of my granddaughter Daisy.who loves to wear hats and head bands.     There were so many to look at and the sales person assured me that they all come in different colors.     These three were at the top of my list just in case I do go back and buy one for her.   ( I decided not to buy at the last minute because they were a little toooooo pricey.   Now Im having second thoughts and thinking I should have bought one any way.    I know she would have liked it). 

This head piece was beautiful with pink and brown feathers on it.

This black hat also caught my eye.   It was so cute and my second choice had I gone ahead and bought it for Daisy.  


This is is a very elegant black headband with a bow on it, the picture doesn't truly show how beautiful it really is.    It wasn't quite as pricey as the hats, but I felt that if I describe it in detail to  my daughter Tiffany she can easily make a replica.   Why spend when you have a talented daughter............right??

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