Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Name Is Help

So  Im in the van with my hubadub on the way to Menifee to see my grandkids.   They both had surgery today.   Adrian had tubes inserted into his ears and Alyssa had her adenoids taken out.    Both are doing great and were sent home same day which was TODAY!   What happened to the good old days when they kept you at least one day before sending you home to make sure everything is fine? 

Looking out the window I notice this big semi truck next to us and hoping he stays right where he is so he can keep the shade on me.   When I suddenly realize the words on side of the truck are:   ' SOCO '.   That of
course does not mean much to anyone except me................I immediately went into distress mode!! 
My poor hub, he didn't know what to think and I was crying so hard I couldn't talk!

There are many things everyday that remind me of my mom, but this was the ultimate.   Usually swallowing hard, blinking rapidly and taking a deep breath I  can move on to the next episode.   Telling myself that she'll always be in my heart etc etc.......you, whoever you may be try it & move on and see how easy that is NOT.
Ahh yeah, getting back to the truck.   I'll tie in why it effected me so bad.   My mothers name was Socorro,   (which in spanish also means 'HELP', can you imagine naming your child Help?)    Anyway where was I?   Her family shortened mom's name when she was very young from Socorro to 'SOCO'.    When I think Im ok and gonna make it, something like this pops up out of no where to remind me she's gone.   I only wish TIME as everyone keeps telling me would hurry up and do its job, dang it!  

When we moved to California mom had another name change by my daddy lol.   He decided that since she was going to enter the working world she needed a modern name.   Her new name was to be Cora, making it easier to pronounce.    Through out the years she was introduced as Cora and no one knew that was not her real name unless we told them.   (Of course- she always signed her real name on important papers)

Until the next time.....................................

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