Friday, August 5, 2011

Cadet Seaman Dino Martin II

Lil D
My grandson Dino has talked about joining the navy and already has his whole life planned out.   This kind of  talk started at the age of eleven!   He is sooooo cute I just love him to smitherings.   Part of his dream will come true this year when he will be in the Navy Jr Rotc in high school.     As a result he has had to train this week for 32 hours of  'Hell Week'.    Getting up early every day my poor grandson has looked exhausted with dark circles under his eyes.

Today was the graduation  ceremony for the Plebes which made it through this hard training.   It was a beautiful day and quite cool since the ceremony was early in the morning.....thank God.   It started with the  marching of the guard. 

There wasn't the usual crowds of people because there were only eighteen Plebes that made it through the whole week and passed.   After some of the officers spoke the Plebes were given their awards.

When they called out Dino's name they also announced that he was one of the top four in the academic area, and that he would receive an award for having passed the course with a hundred per cent.  We were so proud of  Lil D.

His grandpa and I were crying through the entire ceremony.   Dino is the youngest of all our grandchildren and he really applied himself to achieve this honor.   We are so very proud of him.   

Dino wants to be in the NJROTC throughout the four years he is in high school, therefore, reaching some of the ranks before he enlists in the Navy.   His plans are to become an engineer while doing his stint and going to whatever highest rank he can get.   All of this he can explain to anybody who asks a lot better than I ever will be able to lolol.

Proud grampys
Proud mommy N daddy
cuzins Monica & Barbie

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