Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lil Bit of This n That

The day is almost here when I will be a 'great aunt' again.   My nephew Brandon and his wife Caroline are expecting their first lil baby (a boy) any day now.   Great grandpa David (my papa) is gonna mosey on to Santa Clarita and stay with grandpa Dan (my brother) so they can both be there when this joyous event happens.   How awesome is that?
Mean while Im busy crocheting a blanket for one of the women in our church who is also having a baby boy.   Im so happy for these people but Im happier its them and not me lol.

Grandpa Dan, Daddy Brandon, Great Grandpa David
Closer to home; my grandson Lil Dino is now a freshman in high school!   How cool is that or should I say amazing.   Yikes!   He is my baby boy, my baby grandson, before I know he'll be graduating.   We're so proud of him and I pray God keeps his hand on him during these years and doesn't let anything come between school and his love of church.
Dino & Daisy 
Daisy on the other hand is now in the tenth grade and has joined the tennis team.   She has gone for her physical and is ready to start playing and become the next champion lol.

It will have to be continuation school for my granddaughter Monica, and hopefully the year will be a successful one.   I know she can do good in school from what I remember, the problem is her wanting to.    She needs to set a goal for herself in order to accomplish what ever she wants to do.   I hate peer pressure!!!
Now that Danelle has graduated hopefully she will go on to college or some kind of educational school.   I also hope she stays home and doesn't move out of her mothers house.   They are my beautiful grandbaby girls and I love them to smitherings.   God protect them and keep them safe from harm.   Hopefully someday they will come to know Him as I do.
Both girls along with my oldest grandson Mikey came and spent a weekend, hanging out at my daughters house.   On Sunday we all went to church just like in the old days.   I was so emotional over this, it was a special treat or an early birthday present.
My heart and prayers go out to Mikey that somehow he'll have a way to be able to continue his education.   I am very proud of him because he is working two jobs and doing alright for himself.  

I am a happy grandmother and I love all eleven plus the four foster grandchildren I have.   There is never a day goes by that one of them  doesn't pop in my mind.   Though I might not see some of them as much as I'd like to I still think of them constantly.♥♥♥ 


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