Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy

Saturday was beautiful, breezy and cool with the sun shining bright all day until late afternoon when it got cloudy with a hint of rain which newscasters kept predicting.  The outside heaters were lit up and my son-in-law got the fire pit going.  

My daughter decided that since Daisy had a huge party last year for her 13th birthday with about 100 people, this year the family would celebrate her birthday at Disneyland and take a few of her friends for her to hang out with.  Those plans didn't materialize for several reasons, so I decided that we would have an impromptu  birthday party.   It was a small family affair with some of my sisters-in-law who came bringing  some of their kids and a few grandkids.  Daisy invited the friends who were supposed to spend the day with her anyway and they all hung out together playing games and going for a walk.  

We decided to have cupcakes instead of buying or making a cake, that way everyone could get their own or as many as they wanted.  They were so cute with yummy butter frosting  topped with Lady Bug pickets.   I bought her a small cake anyway, after all whats a party with no cake?   haha.   What are grandma's for?  My daughter found and bought the biggest and cutest lady bug balloon that fit right in with the theme of her party.  

Everyone had fun, fellowship and ate lots of good food.  As it got later it also got so cold that we were all forced to take the party inside.  Daisy opened several presents and received gift cards, and now that I think about it she also got some money but never revealed the amount.  

Fourteen years ago this little angel who I nick named Daisy was born and wove herself into our hearts.  Daisy is vivacious  and dorky at times but always fun loving and always willing to help others.   She is a good student getting good grades and is in the AVID program in school.   She loves the Lord and is very involved with the youth group and is in the church choir.   Daisy has always been a good little girl and now she is a very respectful young lady who is nice to everybody.   Her Tata loves her very much and spoils her, as for me I'm not prejudiced but I think she's beautiful cute and pretty.

                                               ♥ HAPPY  14TH BIRTHDAY DAISY ♥

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