Friday, November 12, 2010

The Fallen Tree

There is one special Marine who I would like to honor on this day and his name is Adrian Ramirez.   He is a family friend serving his country in Afghanistan.   I pray that God will keep His hand on Adrian until he comes home.  I am thankful also for all the men and women serving their country and sacrificing their own welfare to keep us safe.  We must pray for them every day and  ask God to bring them home safe.

This day will always be remembered not only because of its obvious meaning but because on this day strong winds ripped off  part of a tree in the island  in our pond.  

These Santa Ana winds come every year during this month,  but I don't remember them being as strong in the past.  We have been having summer weather even though it is already November with  a couple of days of rain and cold nights.   The tree which was very big and beautiful with many branches now looks very bare and empty.  Its leaves had started to fall off and change colors, hopefully my husband is right and it will grow back.  

As  I look out my window I thank God for giving us this beautiful view of all He has created for us to enjoy. .

                                                                   The fallen tree

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