Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yes I am on a diet!!  I finally decided to say it out loud so the walls can hear me ' I need to lose weight'.

One day while looking at myself  in the mirror I saw how out of control my weight was and I realized I was in big trouble.  Sooooo......right then & there I decided to do something drastic, like lose the excess baggage I've been carrying around for the past ten years.

It has  been three months since I took my last sip of soda or coffee.  My coffee cup was large so I felt that putting  2/3 big table spoons of sugar was ok ( who was I fooling?) hahaha.  I am an admitted sodaholic addicted to drinking at least one six pack a day by myself.   Although I did drink lots of water, I must not forget to include the big glasses of iced tea or pink lemonades I would consume whenever I ate at a restaurant.

Why do parents reward their children with candy or food?   Eating when we are happy or sad is also a habit that I was guilty of.  Weight creeps up on us through the years until one day as I did,  took a good look and realized the day had come...........it wasn't too late yet so I had to hurry and repair the problem I created within myself.   My intake of food was incredible, portions were getting bigger and the places where we chose to eat were the kind that served as much as you can eat.

In August I decided to stop drinking soda and any other sweet drinks, and after 3 weeks the results were wonderful and I was so proud of myself.  I didn't care if anyone else noticed because I saw a difference in the way my clothes fit which was so exciting.  Thats when I decided to stop eating sugar.   That meant no cakes, candies, ice cream, donuts, etc etc.

Was this hard one might ask?  Of course, after years of eating and drinking whateva, my body went into withdrawls.  The headaches were atrocious while my mouth watered at the sight of all I had given up, but as all things came to an end all the symptoms did too.  Yippeee I was sugar free!!

After researching some information from my friend Nancy who is a Vegan, I understood what she had been trying to tell me.  Eating meat created many physical problems (for me anyway) and was also the cause of weight gain.  Yeap I gave up meat!  After coming to this decision I in so many words become a vegetarian.  This allows you to eat fish and chicken unlike Vegans who do not eat ANY meat.  Eating healthy is a lot of drama, especially when you have to watch each and every morsel of food that goes into your mouth, but as the days go by its getting easier.  I make sure everything I eat is healthy and I drink lots of water.

Will I become Vegan?  I think so..............eventually, but right now I just want to lose this excess cargo I carry around everyday.  What I eat now is satisfying so I can wait to take that final step.   I have a fantastic family who are very supportive.  They make sure that I eat healthy food while they root for me.  My wonderful husband has joined me on this diet of mine and he has also lost about 35lbs just by staying away from soda.  For the most part even though he will eat a cookie or two and satisfies his sweet tooth he eats whatever I do and is also trying to stay away from meat.

My feet were in such terrible shape swollen and grotesque making it hard for me to walk without a cane.  My mother was a diabetic so everyone assumed  I was too. Now my feet are back to normal (but still look grotesque in color) and each morning I walk about 3 miles. My daughter or my husband come along too so that I won't walk by myself.

Soon I will reach my goal and I'll have done it to save myself and enjoy the rest of the years that God gives me by living a nice long healthy life.

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