Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Crochet Projects

This is one of my favorite blankets to crochet, it is the ripple stitch quite easy and fast to make. This blanket can also be made into an afghan in any size. 

The blue and white look very nice together and just by changing the colors it can be for either a boy or girl.  While it is a little challenging when making blankets for boys because you can't add frills or ruffles, baby yarn can be used to give it a soft cuddly look.  


This blanket is in a variegated brown & beige color with two borders of dark cocoa brown on each end. To give it a different look I added fringe on the ends to dress it up without giving it a girly look. Different designs form as this variegated pattern is crocheted and give it an interesting look. These colors work well for a boy, and by using soft yarn it can be a baby blanket.

One of my first projects was a crochet bedspread in these same variegated colors which I gave to my dad, and he still uses it today.

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